Rewind a few years back in 2013 where I was living with my sister and her family, you would find me in my room reading blogs of ladies travelling the world and me constantly checking internationals flights to places which I can afford to go. Little that I know it came sooner than I expected and it was my very first exquisite experience, a turning point in my life that bring growth and changed for a better.

Take me back to Turkey. I was thrilled, I was nervous getting on “just go!” ,”you can do this ,girl!” but as soon as I stepped into spectacular Goreme (as seen in these images) with these breathtaking views, the friendliest faces had welcome me a glimpse into a country i am proud to tell others about.

You will never truly know the beauty of a country and it’s people, until you are blessed enough to travel and embrace it in real life. I am so happy I said yes to myself to see a part of the world I didn’t know enough about and to share my positive experience along the way. Seeing truly is believing when it comes to travel. I learnt a lot from girls I met from across the globe who travelled solo and so beautiful that we are still in contact until today. Will I revisit Turkey solo again? Absolutely.

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