The Pagoda story. Teaches their believers that true attachment is only to God not material, not to your spouse or even your kids. Gold, gems and precious stones are form of scarifies to material detachment.

What I want to detach from? DEBTS.

I want to thank Canna from who have literally thought me about money manifestation and I still remember that feeling of being able to travel to Korea in 2018 for the first time using only cash via BigPay card and coming home without a single cent to pay on my credit card. In the past, travelling was my main motivation to save while everything else goes under monthly repayment. I realized that I need to save more for many other things but the determination, the strong will wasn’t there until I learned about Zero Based Budget.

If you have been googling about finance, I believed you must have come across Dave Ramsey Zero Based budget and I happened to meet Dave virtually on youtube channel while streaming videos on how to get out of debts. Seven Baby Steps principle is brilliant and Zero Based Budget concept that has changed my life and the way how it made me more responsible with my money.

Today, it is still the BEST method of personal finance budgeting I have learned. Sharing zero based budget my fellow Malaysians along with my journey to debt free is a blessing.

If this is your first time hearing about Zero Based Budget, it’s never to late to start one for your money. Insha Allah, you’ll feel exactly what I’m about to share.


If you are new to budgeting, Zero Based Budget is simply income minus expenses equals zero. It means all your money from month to month should be account for and have purpose or plan for it. The budget you make should reflect to your financial goals, samada paying off debts or saving towards your emergency.

For Example, if your income is RM4000, all that amount must be spread across your expenses. It other words, every ringgit you earned has a purpose and must be planned.

However, if for some reason, after you allocated the amount to all of your budget categories and having a leftover of RM150 extra, you jump with excitement and think of heading to the mall.

Oh, Tidak!

You will go back to your financial goals and check your number one priority. If for example, then use that extra RM150 to pay down your debt. If your primary goals is to increase your safety net, you will add the RM150 to your emergency fund.

In Dave Ramsey zero based budget, you will find that not a single ringgit will be “wasted.” Semuanya bertujuan.


While there are many ways of budgeting out there, this method is complete beginner friendly. Regardless the size of your income, zero based budget allows you to get to know your finance and financial habit. It helps align your earning and spending pattern with financial goal you are trying to achieve. As I’m seeing one by one debts has now paid off, I’m glad that i did it.

When you are aware of your financial habits, it makes you think and justify your expenses decision with every amount you are going to spend on. For Example, do you really need RM300 on delivery food or dine out? or do you need to spend your monthly gym membership since you can run outside?

Also, by knowing how much you have on certain expenses categories, you can’t help to think twice whenever you make a purchase. Thus, it keep your expenses in check. Using zero-based, you will be confident that your money will not go astray and tiada keciciran atau overspend. Why? because every ringgit has a plan and you know exactly where it is going.

Nothing worse than having a money but suddenly you don’t know where you spend it on, kan?

I started zero based with 5 open debts and now, it has gone down to only 2 more debts left to settle. What am I trying to say is, as i got into the groove of managing my expenses better, I started seeing more leftover money and that allows me to expedite my debt settlements.

What do you want to detach from? Do you think it’s best time to start personal finance with zero-based budgeting now?

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